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We say goodbye to the Bahamas for good and sail across the Caribbean Sea from Great Inagua to Panama. About Us: Hello, we are Yolanda and Michael and we are a family of four from Australia. We had a dream, some kind of blurry vision, to sail off and escape the dreary grind of working life and the brick in the wall monotony of suburbia. We wanted to spend quality time together before the kids got too old and belligerent. And of course to taste real 'freedom' - if there is such a thing. For some, taking the time off work and readjusting to an alternate lifestyle seems too hard and unattainable and thus it remains a dream, never realised, a foolish fantasy. Without the luxury of excessive wealth, it can be quite hard to break out of one's microcosm. We had a similar mindset for too long it took many years, over a decade actually, to finally turn a daydream into reality. The catalyst that overcame our inaction was a combination of personal circumstance and revelations. Anyway, whatever the history or past, we are out there now, on the water. We've been sailing for a year now and have sailed from the Caribbean up to Florida and soon we will be heading to Panama and crossing the Pacific. We are really looking forward to this. Please comment subscribe! like and share! I make family friendly vids of our journey! SOCIAL MEDIA: I post pics or point in time videos pretty regularly. Thanks for watching! #Sail #Sailing #SailingLife #Sea #SeaLife #SailingVideo #SailingChannel #LifeStyle #Videos #YouTube #Blogs #Boat #Adventure #Live #LiveAboard _________________________________________________________________ sailing vlogs youtube | best sailing vlogs on youtube | unique sailing vlogs | new sailing vlogs latest sailing vlogs | sailing adventure videos | latest sailing adventure videos | sailing lifestyle sailing cruising lifestyle | sailing liveaboard lifestyle | latest sailing adventures | sailing lifestyle channel | best sailing blogs youtube | sailing youtube channels youtube sailing yachts | ocean sailing videos | sailing journey | sailing channels on youtube | Going troppo sailing around the world Category Travel & Events

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