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Bakugou will do whatever it takes to be number one, right? So when I first heard this song I initially thought of Deku. But the more and more I listened it made me think of Bakugou, and someone suggested a long time ago that I do a Bakugou AMV. This wasn't the original one I had planned (I've already been working on it as well, but it won't be finished until the end of season 3) but after I heard this song--I just had to pair up this song with him. I can still use a lot of work with my transitions/effects and when to use them. And I had SUCH a headache from trying to figure out how to render this thing because every import gave me a problem. But thank you all you Youtubers out there for your AMV tutorials that I spent hours watching, helped me with this a lot! When I have time I'm also going to try make custom thumbnails for these AMV's to make them kinda pop more. The other two options for this thumbnail was Bakugou's boot or a crossfade sooo I went with him biting All Might's hand lolll Anyway hope you guys enjoy this! -- Anime: Boku no Hero Academia Song: Whatever It Takes Artist: Imagine Dragons Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 15 (w/ Sapphire Plugins) This is a fan video and is for non-profit use (as the song is copyrighted). Anime by Studio Bones and characters belong to Horikoshi.

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